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Catastrophic Designation

Catastrophic Designation

Helping injured Georgia citizens get the medical
and income benefits they need for over 18 years.

The Catastrophic Designation Lifetime Benefit Calculator can help you determine the potential future and present value of your claim in case it is designated as catastrophic under O.C.G.A 34-9-200.1 (g.) and you qualify for lifetime benefits.
It calculates:

a.  The estimated number of years that remain during which you would be entitled to receive benefits if your claim was to be designated as catastrophic.

b.  The estimated number of weeks that remain during which you would be entitled to receive benefits if your claim was to be designated as catastrophic.

c.  The total amount that your claim might be worth starting today, in case it was designated as catastrophic. This amount is calculated by multiplying the remaining number of weeks for which you might be entitled to receive benefits and the amount that you receive weekly in TTD benefits. This is also considered the future value of your claim.

d.  The present value of your claim, which is based on this total, or future, value of your claim, and your employer’s insurance company’s interest rate. The present value of a claim is most often used is settlement deliberations.

Enter your date of birth, your weekly TTD amount, and the insurer’s interest rateThe current average interest rate for insurance companies is 5%. Then select your gender and choose the appropriate mortality table. The CDC table is used most commonly.

Your date of birth, gender and the mortality table are used to determine your life expectancy; this in turn helps determine the estimated number of years and weeks for which you are entitled to receive benefits, in case your claim is designated as catastrophic.


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