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In this country, billons of taxpayer dollars are going up in smoke because government contractors, physicians, hospitals, and other medical providers along with individual and corporate taxpayers have figured out how to beat the system. They are obtaining government funds for which they are not entitled or they are otherwise avoiding or underpaying their taxes.


In the mid 1800s, our federal lawmakers noticed government contractors selling the same horse to the U.S. Army three or four times. A keg of gunpowder would arrive on the battlefield only to be opened and found to be river sand. Contractors who were required to provide muskets to the battlefield would simply deliver a case filled with sawdust.

In order to stop the abuse, our lawmakers passed legislation allowing an ordinary citizen to bring fraud charges against the responsible parties. If the federal government were able to obtain a recovery for the fraud, then the whistleblower (John or Jane Doe) would recover a percentage of the amount obtained from the abuser.


Today, the U.S. government still allows the normal honest citizen the right to report a fraud. The government has the first right of refusal. If they agree to undertake a case, then you and your attorney will assist the government official (United States attorney) in the process. Otherwise, your attorney can pursue, on your behalf, a case against the corporation or individual committing the fraud. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT REPORT THE INCIDENT TO THE FRAUDULENT PARTY. Get a lawyer!

Every year in this country, the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association estimates that approximately $68 billion is obtained by health care providers through fraud. Just think what our country could do with an extra $68 billion. Our economy simply cannot afford this sort of abuse and you can help.


If you are in a position to know that a doctor, hospital or other medical provider has illegally billed Medicare or other government medical funders, contact me. Do not notify the doctor, hospital or other fraudulent party. I will guide you through the process.


There have been a number of recent cases where recovery was made:

In one situation, a hospital accountant found out that the management company, doing the billing for the hospital and for other hospitals, was keeping two different sets of books. Medicare had lost more than a billion dollars and that accountant made all of $70 million for blowing the whistle on the case.

I'm sure many of you remember the Leona Helmsley case. She was the arrogant hotel mogul from New York City. You may remember that she told her maid, who testified in court, that, "Only the little people pay taxes." Well, the maid could have recovered anywhere from 15 -30% of the cheating performed by Ms. Helmsley.

There was another incident where a helicopter repair company located out of Winder, Georgia, but doing work for the government in the Middle East, was billing the federal government while all of its employees were at lunch. The mechanic who reported the incident ended up receiving $700,000.00 for blowing the whistle.

In another incident, an operation manager received $19.2 million from the government when he learned that his employer was lying to the federal government about what it charged other people for the same product. The government has a best price policy and they must get the same price that others get.

Again, by far the biggest area of recovery can be in Medicare and Medicaid fraud. For example, Merck was giving two different prices for the medication Vioxx and Zocor. It was charging the federal government more. The sales manager from Michigan who reported the incident ended up recovering $68 million.


You can recover up to 30% of any recovery made by the federal government. In the right case, the recovery can be staggering. I encourage you to consult with me if you know of anybody committing a fraud against the U.S. government.

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