About Workers' Compensation

What Does Workers' Compensation Mean For Me?

Workers compensation is a type of insurance that provides benefits for employees who sustain injuries as a direct result of their job activities. Workers compensation is governed by state law, which requires employers to purchase workers compensation insurance. Workers are not required to contribute to a workers compensation program.

The goal of workers compensation insurance is to help protect the health and income of injured workers. Employers are required to keep work areas safe for employees, but if they fail to do so, an employee has the legal right to file a workers compensation claim for medical expenses. In some instances, workers may also be entitled to 2/3 of their average weekly income, which is calculated from the income earned over the 13 weeks prior to the injury.

Benefits eligibility

To be eligible for benefits, an employee must have been injured while performing assigned duties during assigned work hours. As mentioned, workers compensation benefits include medical care and, in some cases, a portion of weekly income. Also, if an employee should die as a result of a work-related injury, the employee's dependents may receive certain monetary benefits as well.

Discuss your legal rights

Some employers have been known to put pressure on employees to keep them from filing a claim, or the employer's insurance company may try to hinder the reimbursement process. If you find yourself involved in a workers compensation dispute, contact the law office of Vic Alexander to discuss your legal rights.

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