Trial Notebook : Appeals – Acquiescence to Erroneous Ruling

"No matter how erroneous the ruling might have been …, a litigant cannot submit to a ruling, acquiesce in the ruling, and still complain of same." See Maddox v. Elbert County Chamber of Commerce, 199 Ga. App. 478, 382 S.E.2d 150 (1989). All cited in Dallas v. Flying J, Inc, 279 Ga. App. 786, 632 S.E.2d 389 (2006).


On appeal, courts required to view evidence in light most favorable to party that prevailed before the State Board. See High Voltage Vending v. Odom, 266 Ga. App. 537, 597 S.E.2d 428 (2004).

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