Trial Notebook: Child Support Lien

In this case, a claimant was awarded $6,246.00 in income benefits but it was paid by the employer insurance to the Child Support Enforcement Unit. The claimant then went in to the Superior Court under O.C.G.A. 34-9-106 to enforce his award. They disputed the fact that the court could hear evidence. The Court of Appeals says that the judge could hear evidence. The court said that there was allowed to be evidence that an employer insurance paid it to satisfy the obligations of a child support obligation. Willis v. McClain Industries of Georgia, 260 Ga. App. 195, 581 S.E.2d 293 (2003). See, generally, American Mutual. Liability Ins. Co. v. Hicks 159 Ga. App. 214, 283 S.E.2d 18 (1981).

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