Hand Injuries

Loss of Hand Function Can Be Devastating

Our hands are amazingly versatile structures. Each hand contains 27 bones and an elaborate network of muscles, ligaments and tendons. This complex anatomy allows powerful gripping as well as very delicate and intricate motor skills.

Needless to say, the hand is one of the most useful parts of the human body. In the workplace, the loss of hand function can be devastating to an employee's ability to earn a living. This is true regardless of occupation.

Potential Causes

Construction and manufacturing

In construction, manufacturing and industrial environments, some of the most serious hand injuries result from unprotected or faulty machinery and equipment. Handling sharp and/or cumbersome materials can also lead to hand and finger accidents. If an employer does not have proper safeguards and procedures in place, a worker's whole hand or fingers may be crushed, severely lacerated or even amputated.

Technicians and corrosive chemicals

Technicians and workers that deal with corrosive chemicals, extreme temperatures or electricity are also at high risk for hand injuries. That's why your employer has an obligation to provide a safe environment against these work hazards. But if precautionary measures are improper or absent, harmful burns and lasting hand damage can occur.

Continual repetitive motion

In addition to accidents, workplace hand injures can also result from continual repetitive motion. For example, an assembly-line worker, a house painter or an office keyboard user may experience long-term problems due to the constant motion of the hands or fingers. Repetitive stress injuries can harm nerves, ligaments and tendons, resulting in chronic pain and discomfort.

Hand Injuries Should Be Addressed Carefully and Immediately

If you've experienced a work-related injury to your hand or fingers, you may be eligible to receive workers compensation benefits. Your hands not only allow you to perform your job well, they are also vital to daily life. This is why any hand injury should be addressed carefully and immediately. If you are unsure of your rights for seeking workers compensation benefits, we urge you to contact an experienced attorney at the Vic Alexander law office.

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