Hip Injuries

Potential Causes of Hip Injuries

The hip joint connects the thigh bone and pelvis, which lock together in a durable ball and socket configuration. The hip's primary function is to support the weight of the body while erect, and it is the most important body part for maintaining balance and stability whether standing, sitting, bending, walking or running.

Most work-related injuries involving the hip are strains and sprains of the muscles, tendons and ligaments that surround and support the joint. Overuse and repetitive motion are common contributing factors to hip inflammation and pain. Tendonitis, bursitis and arthritis are all conditions which can affect employees whose work tasks place excessive stress on the hip joints.

Risk of sustaining a hip injury

The hip is a very secure joint, but it can become dislocated or fractured if subject to substantial force, such as what may occur in a fall or vehicle accident. Workers in any occupation are subject to falls and accidents, though construction sites account for the largest percentage of hip fractures. Serious injuries such as these are not only painful, they often result in a cast or surgery and can render the injured worker immobile. The most severe hip injuries, such as multiple, crushing, or compound fractures, often require a full hip replacement.

Recovering from a hip injury

In addition, serious hip injuries often involve a long recovery process, with extensive rehabilitation and physical therapy. The worker is often incapacitated and unable to return to his/her prior position for many months…if at all. The recovery period largely depends on the amount of damage to the hip joint and its surrounding nerves and tissues. Osteoarthritis is also a significant concern following damage to the hip, as is an altered gait.

The Guidance and Representation You Need

Employers have a responsibility to ensure that the workplace is kept free of hazards that may cause accidents. Failure to provide this kind of protection often results in harm to workers. If you have sustained a hip injury at work, it is important that you understand your rights regarding workers compensation benefits.

The Vic Alexander law firm specializes in workers compensation law. Our experienced attorneys will provide you with the guidance and representation you need for your work-related hip injury. We know the complications your injury may bring to you and your family, and pledge to fight on your behalf for the maximum benefits allowed by law.

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