Neck Injuries

Potential Danger of Neck Injuries

Like the back, the neck can sustain a variety of injuries, from muscle strains and ligament tears to disc problems and cracked vertebrae. If a neck injury is very severe, it can damage the spinal cord and cervical nerves, which can lead to devastating and life-altering consequences.

The extent of a work-related neck injury is largely dependent upon the cause. For example, a neck injury from a fall or vehicle accident can cause sudden and significant trauma to the neck region, potentially leading to paralysis. Unfortunately, as the severity of the neck injury increases, so does the potential for long-term treatment and care.

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Conversely, neck injuries that develop slowly over time have a better chance for treatment and eventual recovery. Work factors that lead to neck injuries of this nature include tasks that repeatedly use the upper body and arms. Also, jobs that require the head to remain in a forward or odd position for long periods, or otherwise create continual tension in the neck, can lead to persistent and painful injuries.

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