Slip and Fall

Leading Cause of Work-Related Deaths

Falls are another major contributor to serious injuries in the workplace. Falls are also a leading cause of work-related deaths. Slips and trips result when there is an unexpected change underfoot - a slip being a loss of traction and a trip being an unexpected obstacle. Injuries sustained from slipping or tripping are particularly dangerous because they occur very suddenly and catch the employee off guard.

Possible Causes

Improper maintenance and ignored safety codes

Many fall injuries occur because the workplace is not maintained properly and/or safety codes are ignored. For example, any walkway or work area that is allowed to remain wet, icy, oily or strewn with debris is inviting a fall. Also, something as simple as a carelessly placed cord or cable, or even a bottom desk drawer left open, can contribute to injurious falls in the workplace.

Uneven or poor floor surfaces

Another example of employer negligence is floor surfaces that are uneven or in need of repair. This includes ripped or loose carpeting, unsecured mats, broken steps, narrow stairways, and insufficient railings. Poor visibility in the workplace can also lead to slips and trips. If the lighting is poor, or there are obstacles blocking an employee's view, it may be difficult to see the hazards that could precipitate a dangerous fall.

Working With Fall Victims for Over 18 Years

Also, because the employee is completely off balance during a fall, they often hit the ground or other objects with the force of their full body weight. This is why falls often result in serious head injuries, spine injuries, knee injuries, compound fractures and other debilitating injuries. Falls from ladders, platforms and other heights can be particularly traumatic. We have worked with fall victims for over 18 years, so we know first-hand how devastating falls can be to you and your family. We'll work hard to get you the maximum workers compensation benefits to which you are entitled. Contact us today!

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