Workers’ Compensation

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Workers' Compensation law was developed to provide specific income benefits and payment for medical bills for work-related injuries without the worker having to prove negligence or fault on the part of the employer, co-workers or third parties.

In Georgia, employers usually either purchase a workers' compensation insurance policy to pay these benefits or they self-insure. Your rights as an employee under the law do not permit any other legal remedies against your employer due to a work-related injury.

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Common Injuries

Whether the workplace is a rugged industrial site or a posh office building, our experience has shown that certain work injuries occur more frequently than others. The following list represents some of the more common workers compensation injuries we regularly assist with…

Georgia Workers' Compensation Law

In general, you will be covered under Georgia Workers' Compensation law if your employer has 3 or more employees and you were injured performing work that arose out of or in the course of your employment. Obtaining workers' compensation benefits in Atlanta is often challenging and complicated and can require a knowledgeable expert to help you receive the maximum benefits allowed.

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